Monday, September 29, 2014

Virginia's Eastern Shore (9.28/2014)

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were on the eastern shore for a century bike ride.  We spent the night in Ocean City, which is kind of a tradition for us.  It was H2Oi weekend, which meant the town was full of souped up VWs and Audis that are water cooled.  Kind of cool, at first we were not sure what we saw, but it was fun.  Other times we were there it was hot-rod weekend etc etc. 

Three photos here this time.  We woke up Sunday, went for a sunrise walk on the beach and then drifted down the coast, for a large part avoiding the major highway.  The roads were decent and the scenery was spectacular at times (p.s., the back roads in MD are much better than VA; lawmakers please take note).  Great was a little hamlet call Public Landing, MD.  From there we took the road down to Wallops Island and Chincoteague.  Wallops Island is known for its NASA facility and our Virginia Space Port.  Chincoteague is known for the ponies, and let me tell you there is plenty of pony paraphernalia in town.  It is a touristy place, but fun to be and it was our lunch destination.  The second photo is my wife having lunch at a five star lunch place called “Right Up Your Alley”.  After some searching we figured out it was a food cart, and the food was absolutely great.  As one of the reviewers of yelp says: It “ brings a modern city feel to the historic, small town of Chincoteague.”  The fish tacos were wonderful, and actually so were the French fries (which we felt we desperately needed after a day of biking 60 miles).

Drifting further south we took a wrong turn and ended up at the gate of the Space Port and then going on we eventually we drove through Modest Town.  Wikipedia does not tell us much about that town, except that it was a stagecoach stop on the route from Wilmington DE to Eastville.  Truthfully, you can easily live a full life even without even seeing this town.  It is a shame, but this was probably the most run down, dilapidated place we came across during our drive.  Makes you wonder what the real-estate prices are in that town.  I am sure you can get some of the burned out buildings for cheap.  Come to think of it, I wonder if they were the results of that pyromaniac that was on the loose on the eastern shore.

After getting back on Route 13 our next big stop was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  It is a great place.  The facilities are now 50 years old and great.  It is 17.6 miles long and a great place for tourists, fishermen and fishing boats alike.  The last photo of course is from the visitor’s center on one of the islands, down the tunnel to the other side.  You can see all the boats in the water.  Actually there is a fishing pier as well, and someone pulled up a big flounder while we were standing there.  It was a great end to a wonderful weekend on the eastern shore.

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