Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Manassas (9/2/2014)

Traveling again and this week's trip has taken me to Manassas.  While some of my friend malign the place, I really don't mind coming here.  The motel I stay at is relatively new but when you stay in one of the corners of the place there is a huge crack in the bathroom floor, just like that corner of the motel wants to fall of.

I like coming here because I have a Barns and Noble nearby, and I can buy the latest version of "Good Old Boat", and visit Total Wine next to it and buy a different bottle of wine to enjoy a glass in my room.  Furthermore, there are some neat international eateries, something we really don't have in Yorktown.

This picture was taken at my favorite hole in the wall: El Mirador (see my previous post on the restaurant here).  El Mirador serves food from Central America, absolutely not Mexican, and last night I was the only non-latino in the place.  The group in this picture is what I would call kids (being a 61 year old guy).  The girl who's face you can see just had a baby and she is eating there with her baby in the carriage and a boy and a girl her age across from her.  Kind of a sad scene in my eyes, kids having kids; although she looked very happy with her company and her child.  The TV was showing a Mexican soap.

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