Friday, September 19, 2014

Gloucester Point (9/19/2014)

I had a meeting at the Virginia Institute for Marine Science (VIMS) today, and after the meeting I took a few minutes to drive down to the York River near the Coleman Bridge and take a few photographs.  It was fairly quiet down there, and even the water was quiet. It was another nice day to be on or near the water.

 The two photos below show a work boat going by the Alliance a picture of some seaside that was sailing tourist around, and a picture of seaside goldenrod that was growing near the boat launch.  You can see the Alliance in the background of the goldenrod picture.

The meeting went great, as an educator I was invited as part of a group to review or comment on some of the education and outreach programs they are doing at VIMS.  This was part of a NOAA grant they get.  I know it was a favorable review, I have given lessons for the program and taken classes they put on.  A great place to go to lectures if you have a chance!

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