Books I am currently reading (updated May 11, 2016)

I am usually a fan of non-fiction, naturalist books and I usually have a few books open that I read simultaneously.

In addition, I read a couple of sailing magazines and the Wine Spectator.  Case-in-point, I hardly have any time for TV and I like it like that.

My current books are:

Old man and the sea ... Earnest Hemingway
First You have to Row a Little Boat: reflections of Life & Living ... by: Richard Bode
The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living ... by: Amid Sood ... Done.  Need to keep re-reading this one.
The Sixth Extinction ... by: Elizabeth Kolbert ... Done.  Great book and an eye opener.  After reading this book I am now going through life realizing that today is the last time the world is going to be this way and it will never be the same.  When we were working in Africa, we felt blessed for probably being the last generation to see the rhino in the wild.  Call it mindfulness.
52 Loaves ... by William Alexander  ... Done, another great book,
Just Ecological Integrity.  The ethics of Maintaining Planetary Life ... by Peter Miller and Laura Westra (eds)
Blue Mind ... by Wallace J. Nichols
Buddha Standard Time: awakening to the infinite possibilities of now ... by: Lama Surya Das
Bread: A baker's book of techniques and recipes ... by: Jeffery Mamelman
Thinking Fast and Slow ... by Daniel Kahneman

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