Sunday, September 28, 2014

Salisbury,MD (9/27/2014)

This weekend we traveled into Maryland to participate in the Seagull Century.  The Seagull, for short, is an annual bike ride on the eastern shore of Maryland.  You can choose between a 100 mile ride or a 100 kilometer (64 mile) ride.  We chickened out this year and did the 64 mile ride.

We were biking with more than 7000 of our new best friends.  It was beautiful weather this year.  It started cool and warmed up to around 80 degrees.
There is a rest stop every 20 or so miles where you are fed on bananas, oranges, baglels, fig newtons, and pickles.  There is water and Gatorade to fill up the bottles and even a bike maintenance guy.

We always say that the ride is like the marathon for cyclists, but judging from the looks of it many people participate and it is doable; although you need to train.  Still, you see that people are unprepared.  Near the end you have people standing next to their bikes, completely out of it.  This time a woman was standing next to her bike 3 miles before the finish and she told us she was out of water.  Sad to see she appeared to be unprepared.  During previous rides (as this is our 12th annual ride) we literally saw people fall over into the ditch from exhaustion; but that day it was 99 or so.

Anyway, it was a great ride this Saturday.  This picture is one of our bikes at the finish line.  We just got in and were ready for a beer.  The bike were tired too and it was easy to lean them against each other waiting for us to come back after drinking a cold one.  Everybody leaves their bikes unlocked and I've never heard of any stealing.  Cyclist are a great colorful bunch.

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