Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eagle in Yorktown (9/6/2014)

It was difficult to figure out what to use as heading here, but this weekend Yorktown has a distinguished visitor: the Coast Guard Sailing Ship the Eagle.  It was docked at the Coast Guard Station in Yorktown and Saturday it was open to visitors.  It is a beautiful boat, but I was a bit disappointed that we only got to see what is above deck and not anything like the living arrangements down low.  But then with all the people coming through it would have been impossible to police, so it is understandable.  The crew was very nice and helpful, making sure that everyone was comfortable and that my 87 year old father-in-law would not fall of the steep ladders.  I think what amazed me were the sheer number of lines (ropes) and blocks.  I did not see any labels on the lines; hopefully someone knows what would happen if you pull a certain line.  I've seen 30 foot sailboats where every line is marked by an overzealous owner with one of those label machines.  Also, where every line could chafe the boat had a piece of copper/bronze to prevent it.  We met a friend at the boat, and he told us that he served on the boat.  His first remark was that there was a lot of copper/bronze to polish.

I have added a couple of pictures here, I think they all fit Cee's Photo Challenge one of the things I sometimes do on this blog.  I love the photo of my wife behind the big steering wheel of the ship (I have no relationship to the others on the photo).  I've also added a photo of the emergency steering wheel, a photo of some small blocks (wheels inside) and last but not least a view of the York River and the Coleman Bridge.  I usually only publish one photo per day, but today I could not choose.

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