Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tappahannock (9/25/2014)

Today I traveled to Tappahannock to teach a class on stormwater.  I had a good time, but being the only teacher, I am exhausted.  In essence I had a good response form my students.  Interestingly, I was teaching in a church that was taken over by the county and it was interesting "preaching" stormwater.

Went out to lunch with some colleagues at Lowery's; and after not eating there for a long time, I found them average, but kind of expensive.  But it was good.  After class I drove around town and took this picture.  Tappahannock is known for its seafood, being on the water.  I think it is also famous for being the home of Chris Brown, the rap singer.  I kind of feel ashamed mentioning him as one thing this town is known for, since he is also known for spousal abuse, a thing all too common lately, as reported about in the NFL.  I just can't fathom that, and find it despicable.  A review of various websites doesn't tell me much about that town, Captain John Smith appeared to have landed in the area but was driven off by the native indians, for the rest not much.  I know Tappahannock a a place with very cheap gas, and it did not disappoint me again.  Gas was cheapest there on this short trip.

Anyway I was debating intersection with or without school bus, so here is the one with.  It gives a better contrast on a rainy, gloomy day.

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