Friday, July 25, 2014

Crozet (7/24/2014)

The past week I was traveling again, and I got as far west as Roanoke and Daleville (see also this and this post).  It is a two-day class and it really depends on who your fellow teachers are on what you do the evening in between.  A few weeks ago my fellow teacher was an outdoorsy person and a trail runner, so after class I went for a hike while she went running (she's 30 years younger, so I was not even going to pretend to want to keep up with her).  This past time the first thing my fellow teacher said when the day was over and even before all the students were gone was: "where can we find a good beer?"  Thank goodness, Daleville has a restaurant called the "Tap House" which is where we hung out for a while.

In other words there was little opportunity to explore and take pictures.  So on my way home I had this internal debate of where to stop for dinner; and eventually my craving for a good pizza won.  I still think that Crozet Pizza in Crozet is probably one of the best pizza joints in all of Virginia.  Crozet is located just west of Charlottesville and is home to some really good pizza and good beers.  I had a wonderful meal there.  The town of Crozet is just a nice place to visit, and it is a nice distraction form the monotony and insanity of driving the interstate highways.

In all, it was a successful week of teaching stormwater in western Virginia.  The most exciting thing was so see so many old friends and students from previous classes.  It made me feel at home and just in a very ice comfortable atmosphere.  In addition, I got one of the nicest compliments in a while when one of the students told me that everyone in his office still talks about me and the classes that they took from me.  All very positive and among the best classes they ever had, which makes me feel it is worth it; the travel, the staying in motels, the exhaustion, and loosing my voice so now and then.

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