Friday, July 11, 2014

Yorktown (7/10/2014)

I am on the wetland board of our county, and had a board meeting last night.  Being in Yorktown 15 minutes early I took a very brief walk in the downtown (down village) area, and shot this photograph.  It was not as crowded as I expected for a Thursday evening, there is usually an event called "Shagging on Riverwalk", but that was cancelled because of the rain.

Being on the wetland board is interesting.  We are one of the steps that any construction activity that is near the water need to go through for a permit.  It is always interesting and ranges from bulkheads, to riprap and all these other things.  Yesterday we dealt with one permit for the repair of a bulkhead and actually a violation.  I really feel good about these meeting.  We are not against development on or near the water, but we are protective of the environment and for sensible and environmentally sound development.  Yes there is always politics but as a board member you need to go through these things without a personal agenda.  I honestly try to leave that at home; although it seems that the board's decisions are often interpreted as motivated by politics and personal ideology.  York County is very political and it is amazing to be on the periphery of it all.

I guess this picture might be symbolic after what I just wrote.  No this is not a loose canon; it has been tight down with a chain!  It is located downtown, a great place to walk, with some reasonably good restaurants.  But you can see, it was quiet last night.

p.s. I entered this photo in a challenge ... I actually shot is for that purpose but waited if I could find a better one, so it's a bit late.

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