Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Roanoke (7/1/2014)

I went for a walk after teaching today in Daleville in the Roanoke area.  My fellow teacher had identified Carvings Cove Natural Reserve as a great place to go for a run, and since my knees don't allow running I went for a 2 mile walk.  I took this picture at the end of my walk.  It was good weather, low 90s and somewhat cloudy.
Teaching was fun, i taught the module on why it is important to think about stormwater, and I could talk about my ideas on urban sprawl, and the perrils of it.  Just great to be able to teach my students environmental stewardship.  I was able to bring in the Bedouins of North Yemen, deforestation in Nepal (I worked in both countries in the 1980s), and urban planning in Holland.  After that going out into the woods was fun.  You really appreciate being out there.

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