Friday, July 4, 2014

Seaford (7/3/2014)

The day before Independence Day (July 4) was spent securing the boat for the onslaught of hurricane Arthur.  We were still not sure what would be happening and what the exact course would be, so better safe than sorry.  I spent the day putting in double mooring lines and cutting a Plexiglas hatch cover to keep the water out of the cabin.  Plexiglas is pretty brittle, but to my surprise, also easily repaired or glued with the use of some acetone.  Amazingly easy.  I took this photo during my work on the boat, yesterday.

A quick update, the boat came through alright and the hatch worked like a charm.  Albeit, I screwed up with the mooring lines and the boat must have hit the piling some during the night.  There were enough bumpers that that was ok and maybe we'll be sailing tomorrow!  Hurricane Arthur was kind to our region, I've seen little or no damage, and the winds were not that strong this time around.  Hopefully this was it for this summer.

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