Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fairfax (7/7/2014)

From the annals of the wacky.  When visiting all these exotic spaces in this great state of Virginia, I try to eat at local restaurants and avoid the chains.  Not that I have anything against particular chains (if you need me I can probably be found at the local Starbucks, and while traveling, Panera is a likely lunch stop); but why not experience the local cuisine. 

This week in Fairfax I had a chance to do just that and ate at a local Indian restaurant called the Bombay Bistro.  While I am usually a lamb vindaloo fanatic, I decided to go for something different and when for the tandori rockfish.  I took this photo after I took care of the poor animal (I'll be entering this fish into a photo challenge that I love to participate with).  The meal tasted great, the service was good, it was an overall very pleasant experience. 

We were teaching a stormwater class in Fairfax and the other days I spent with the team in more chain like restaurants, but then I am a bit more adventurous.  We had a good time, watching Germany win against Brazil and my team (Holland) loose against Argentina on the big screen.  Oh well.

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