Monday, July 7, 2014

Claxton Creek (7/5/2014)

I generally tend to stay away from posting pictures of my family, but it being the 4th of July weekend, I feel more brazen (I guess).  The picture below was taken on the 5th.  We decided to motor out to Claxton Creek, hang a tarp over the boom of our sailboat, put the boarding ladder down, throw in the floating seat and just spend an afternoon swimming, floating and trying to clean the hull a bit.  It was great weather (which it usually is after the passing of a hurricane), and it simply was a lot of fun; very relaxing. 

Claxton Creek is fairly secluded and sheltered from the waves off the Bay.  We anchored in water that was approximately 6 feet deep.  We have seen jelly fish in the creek (but not this time) and dolphins.  There are a few crab pots and there is an abandoned (partially submerged) sailboat in the creek, for someone to salvage, although I think it has been there a while and it would be too much work to fix up.  I am really wondering if the motor in the boat still has fuel and oil in it and what the impacts would be when they finally deteriorate that much and rupture.  Oh well.

In the background of the photograph you see the SeafordScallop Company at the entrance to Back Creek which leads to the marina we are members of.  Just a nice relaxing weekend; I am ready to go back out there and teach people about stormwater management.

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