Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daleville (1/29/2014)

This week I was teaching in the Roanoke area, and having the winter from hell, it snowed.  I was in Daleville, just northwest of Roanoke at the Greenfield Training Center.  Thank goodness we only had 2 inches, while at my home in Yorktown we had 6 inches or more.  This was the view from the window of my classroom.  Such a beautiful view was almost distracting while teaching my class, but I behaved and paid attention to what I had to say.  I took this photo between sessions of my class.
Daleville is surprisingly nice.  It seems to be an up and coming community which you can only appreciate once you get of the Interstate.  The even have few decent restaurants and a great coffee shop.  Altogether a fun stay.

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