Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yorktown (4/23/2014)

We had dinner at the Water Street Grill in Yorktown last night (see my Yelp review here).  It was my wife’s birthday and we had a nice dinner with her father.  My review of the restaurant would be the same, except that the service was a little slow; the place appears to be understaffed; I expect that the owners are trying to save money on wages, and hire the bare minimum, not to get bad reviews.  The food was good, and the beer selection is great, but having to wait 20 minutes for a beer was a bit much.  If the owners don't watch it, it might become a victim of its own success.
We went for a brief walk along the Yorktown waterfront after dinner.  It was breezy, and the river was angry.  Being around sundown, I decided to test my cell phone camera and took these two photos in the night detection mode, and I was somewhat impressed.  It gives you a great rendition of what it looked like out there.  A group of young adults were playing some medieval game with swords, shields and jousting spears (or whatever you call these things) in the field where we usually have a farmers market.   Interesting to see and just a wonderful evening to be out and about.

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