Friday, April 11, 2014

Yorktown (4/10/2014)

A picture from near where I live.  Yorktown is somewhat of a tourist destination.  I always feel that when people are bored with Williamsburg and Jamestown the might as well go and visit Yorktown.  Actually, I think there are probably more "real" historic buildings in Yorktown than those other places.  This picture is of the Grace Episcopal Church.  The church was first built in 1697 and has been a landmark in the area ever since.  It is a wonderful place to walk with a great grave yard (cemetery) and a nice view over the York River.
Yorktown was busy again on the first day that it was warm.  The pub was full and there were lots of walkers and bikers out there.  A nice vibrant place to spend a summer evening.  On weekends it is a zoo down there.  The beach is very popular and it is almost loved to death,  It is crowded, with a lot of swimmers, sunbathers and just walkers.  A fun place to hang out.  Going to work to Richmond every day, I tend to drive by the beach at least one of those times.  I just love the views of the water, the bridge and the boats out on the river.  It's a good place to live and visit.

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