Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yorktown (4/19/2014)

This is what I jokingly called leopard water.  Early spring we have a lot of pollen, and in particular the loblolly pines are going crazy.  Everything out-doors (and in-doors) is covered with a yellow dust.  In the morning you have to run your windshield wipers to be able to see.  Rainwater runoff becomes a stream of yellow water.  This is the only place where I have lived that I have seen it; but then I only lived in North Carolina in the fall.  I have many pictures of the ponds out back with a yellow film on them or even rings of yellow pollen on the trees in the pond that are left there once water retreats.
It was raining outback the day I took this picture and the solid sheen of yellow pollen was broken up in this leopard type color.  Really neat.  You can see the water drops.

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