Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wormley Creek, Yorktown (4/2/2014)

Having a few moments to spare, I decided to drive through the Colonial National Park today.  This photograph was taken at the dam that goes over Wormley Creek.  Supposedly there was a dam at that location in the 1700s and it featured in the Independence war.  Just an idyllic picture and a nice place to visit by car, bike, or foot.

There was a biked who appeared to be feeding the swans.  As I said idyllic, were it not that swans are in invasive species in our area and push out a lot of the native water birds.  Being a darn biologist, I can not look at these swans just for their beauty, but I always have to bring in mind that they are out of their place.  Kind of a shame that these elegant, stately birds are actually a pest.

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