Friday, April 4, 2014

George Washington's shovel (4/4/2014)

I live on the edge of the Yorktown Battlefield section of the Colonial National Historic Park, and often when I walk the woods and see a big tree, I wonder if George Washington peed against that specific tree.  I sometimes think the same thing when I take a leak in the woods behind my house (just like every guy does at various occasions).  This is absolutely ridiculous, I know, since none of the trees in these woods date as far back as George, or the battle of Yorktown.  But it is still fun to fantasize about this.  The other day while digging in the vegetable garden I found a really old leather shoe (at least 20 or so years old), and we immediately coined it “George Washington’s shoe.” 

The woods here are full of redoubts, or what I would almost call trenches, and every so now and then I think you can see someone trying to looks for artifacts.  Not long ago there was a gentleman with a copy of an old map looking for an old encampment.  This is highly illegal but it does happen.

During my walk this morning I saw this somewhat familiar piece of a shovel laying near the trail.  We have seen it before, but it was foggy and it just caught my eye.  Again the thought came up that this must have been George Washington’s shovel.

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