Thursday, April 17, 2014

Richmond (4/17/2014)

Had a great walk during my lunch half hour today.  I walked down to the James over 7th street; and once at the river I went right instead of my usual left.  Near the Belvidere Bridge I walked up the hill to the Virginia War Memorial  and then over 2nd to Main and then back to the office.  A nice invigorating 35 minute walk.  My FitBit told me that I climbed as much as 20 flights of stairs, just what the doctor ordered I guess.  Took some nice pictures of the river etc, but this one stood out to me.  I just like the colors, the composition and just the feel of it.  It was taken near 2nd and Main.  They are paving all over town for the collegiate world bicycling championships in early May.

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