Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Library of Virginia in Richmond (4/16/2014)

An article in the newspaper got me steaming today.  It was about how conservative USA (read Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers) are trying to stop the use of alternative energy and selling back of home generated energy back to the power companies.  Honestly, I think the newspaper was trying to fill some space, since this appears to be old news.  A simple search for Koch and renewable energy or solar energy shows their opposition to it for at least the past two or three years.  Guess they don’t like the government subsidies and the fact that there are laws requiring energy companies to buy back the excess energy that is generated at home.  I’m really nor that sure why they are against renewable energy.  Is it affecting their income as share holders in energy firms?  Or is it a principle, in that, energy conservation has been championed by more liberal thinkers and democrats, so it must automatically be bad and opposed?  I am still confused why those people who want to protect our children from a future deficit, have no problem in saddling those same kids up with a warmer planet, more polluted air, energy shortages, rising energy costs and a higher cost of living. 

So I was still steaming during my lunchtime walk in the sun (it was a great day to harvest solar energy).  It was abnormally chilly today, but it actually felt invigorating.  Walking up the hill at the capitol I noticed a saying on the Library of Virginia: “Reason and free inquiry are the only free agents against errors, …  This saying is attributed to Thomas Jefferson, and it rang so true this afternoon.  We hopefully will use reason and inquiry before accepting everything that we are told, be it from conservative or liberal pundits. 
In full disclosure; I am the proud owner of two solar arrays that I will be installing on my sailboat, partially as an experiment, but also to be more self sufficient and less dependent on an outlet to charge the batteries on my boat.

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