Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wytheville (3/25/2014)

When will this winter stop?  We had snow again on Tuesday, and I took these two pictures.  One was from my motel room.  Teaching a class in the more conservative region of Virginia, I had more people trying to start an argument with me about global warming.  It was amazing.
I am so frustrated about these types of arguments which has now become so politicized.  It seems that the right leaning people want to deny there is climate change, while the lefties are very passionate about it.  I am just wondering why people that are afraid of government spending, because we saddle our children up with debt, can not talk with people who want to prevent environmental degradation, in order not to saddle our children up with and unlivable environment.
Oh well, these two pictures were from my motel room in the morning and a more artistic picture from the car; the sun was out and it was snowing.  Very interesting scenes indeed. The building in my motel room picture is of a German dinner theater here in town.

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