Friday, March 28, 2014

On the road (3/27/2014)

I drove back from Wytheville to Yorktown on Thursday.  When I got to Lexington I needed gas and decided that instead of just taking the highway I wanted to take a less speedy road (as also recommended by a friend, who told me to enjoy my travails through this beautiful state instead of just trying to get to point B from point A as fast as possible).  So I took Highway 11 to 340 all the way to Waynesboro.  The picture of the wood cabin was taken in McCormick, an interesting little village that seems to be undergoing a lot of renovations.  It has a lot of character and I hope it is maintained and becomes an interesting place to explore.

The scenery picture was taken just outside Draper, one of the stops on the New River Trail.  I previously took pictures there.  Being someone who grew up on an island in the middle of sea; who now live in Yorktown, I often miss the horizon or at least the ability to see further than the trees.  I remember living in Durham (NC) 30 years ago and I felt claustrophobic.  I like being able to see far, probably one of those reasons I love to be on the water and sail.

In all it is fun to see these little treasures while spending so much time on the road.

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