Monday, March 31, 2014

Newport News Park (3/28/2014)

Read an article on Vivian Maier the other day.  She was a neat lady and an amazing photographer who was never discovered until her death.  She was the queen of the selfies, and I was inspired by her story to take this selfie. 
Walking in the woods behind my home you run into all these ephemeral ponds.  As I mentioned before in these pages these ponds are used by frogs and salamanders.  Right now there is a cacophony of frog and salamander calls in the ponds behind my home.  It was amazingly loud last year with all the rains. 
If you look closely at the stick in the left of this picture you see what looks like bubbles.  These bubbles are frog eggs waiting to hatch  and to produce more frogs.

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