Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yorktown (6/2/2014)

Early in the morning it was time to pay some bills and stick them in the mail box in Yorktown.  Coming down the hill there was cruise ship, a big sail boat, and a number of replicas of older sailboats docked in the harbor.  I took this picture from my sunroof, while driving down the road.  Just an idea of what was there.  Not the best picture I realize, but it gives you a good idea of an early morning in our sleepy little coastal town.

In that day, Yorktown was preparing for the arrival of the French.  This was a celebration of the Independence war and the help of the French with the war (La Fayette).  It seems that a French Navy vessel was going to stop by that day for a ceremony and a 21 gun salute.  Pity I missed it, being a working stiff and having to get going to Richmond.

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