Monday, June 23, 2014

Lizard's Tail (6/22/2014)

What a great name for plants that look like this.  We decided to take the bikes out this wonderful early summer day, and bike the tour road in the Yorktown Battlefield National Historic Park.  Stopping on the bridge over the Beaverdam Creek we saw this gorgeous looking plant in the water and we had to stop and take some photos.  Lizard’s tail or Saururus cernuus is an aquatic plant that grows in the water.  It seems when the flowers dry up, the green seed heads look like lizard tails, hence the name. 

The tour road on the battlefield is one of our favorite bike routes.  It is approximately 10 miles and mostly has a number of memorial plaques that tell you the story of the battlefield.  There are a number of nice vistas; tow places with canons; a memorial cross; and a big round-about marking George Washington’s encampment.  It is very nice; however, I can imagine that tourists who are used to the other battlefields will be kind of bored driving this route.  It is therefore very quiet and great for biking.  My wife and I often wonder if the park should consider erecting more statues etc, to make it more attractive to tourist; but then, it is our road!  Surrender Field is a different story; that area is very attractive and very impressive! 

Sunday was a great day to bike and get some exercise.  We had a quiet ride; a fitting closure to a action packed weekend.

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