Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seaford Yacht Cub (6/17/2014)

Today I had to post a picture of my own sail boat.  We had our monthly dinner meeting at the club, and after dinner we took a walk to the dock to look at the boats.  Mine is the first one; which may be the right thing to do the shame me in fixing up the boat.  It is going way too slow (the fixing up), but as a friend of mine told me, “you have to enjoy it also.”  I agree, otherwise fixing things up becomes such a chore.  But then safety first, and I do feel safe when sailing.

The yacht club is fun.  There are a lot of social things going on, sometimes (or should I say often) with a lot of drinking.  It is something to watch out for, and I generally try to behave myself. 
As you can see from the photo, the weather was absolutely delightful.  It was hot and humid, which I like.  It was still, as you can see, the river was glass; but there were no bugs, which was amazing. 
Sitting there talking to my wife and father-in-law was absolutely delightful.  One of the boat owners (an older gentleman) came over to let his dog off the boat and walk it.  The dog, a friendly white Scottie, was all over us; I think he was happy to be of the boat.  On our way back to the car, another  gentleman came over to make sure the dog walker had not hurt himself and fallen off the pier.  As you can see a social club, but we all watch out for each other.
The smooth water was disturbed by one of the members whose home is across the creek and came to the meeting in his small power boat. He left, but first went for a short ride, after which he returned home. Very considerate, you could hardly hear him start the engine, and he left very little wake. Not hot dogging for him, just enjoying the moment and being on or near the water.

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