Monday, June 2, 2014

Northern Neck (6/1/2014)

On Sunday morning we decided it was time to get the h… out of Dodge and to go explore something.  Sailing was not an option since it was blowing pretty stiff and it was actually cool.  So we decided to go explore the “Northern Neck” of Virginia.  On the way up we stopped in Mathews County at “Fort Nonsense”, or what we might call now “Fort WTF.”  It seems to have been a fort built by a local brigade to stop the advancement of the Union soldiers on their way to Richmond.  The problem was they never came; the Union soldiers went up the peninsula (Williamsburg etc).  So they never saw any action there.  Oh well.  I think I could have predicted that, the shortest way from Fort Monroe to Richmond does not lead through Mathews; hence the name “Fort Nonsense.”

We continued our trip to White Stone and we had lunch at Willaby’s cafĂ©.  Really not bad, maybe with the exception that my poached eggs were poached a little too long and were more like hard boiled eggs.  After lunch we drove to Windmill point to walk the beach and take a look at the marina (a possible destination in our sailing adventures).

We ended our day in the Northern Neck with revisiting the Dog and Oyster Winery in Irvington for some tasting and relaxing.  In a previous blog posting I had given this winery 2 stars, and thanks to this visit I am going to revise it to at least 4 stars.  I wish I could make it 5 stars, but the wine was very expensive.  It was definitively good, in particular their Merlot, but I could not get myself to pay $45 for a bottle; which is the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5.

The photos posted here are from our visits, a shot from the restaurant, of Windmill Point and the entrance to the winery.  A fun day in just a small section of the Northern Neck.


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