Monday, August 25, 2014

Yorktown (8/24/2014)

It was a great weekend for a bike ride.  The weather was unseasonably cool but it was a bit windy.  After we left home we first did what we call the tour road, which is the tour road in the Yorktown Battlefield.  It was a busy day there, lots of runners and bikers.  The sky was absolutely gorgeous, clear blue with nice puffy clouds.  From the tour road we biked on to the coast guard station, where we stopped to look over the York River at the Moore House, a nice colonial house located on a site with considerable history.  The photo below was taken at a small cemetery near the Moore house.  We parked the bikes and went to look over the York River.  The other photo is looking over the York River.  After our stop we continued our bike trip along Wormley Pond, a place I have taken pictures at before (see my post of 4/2/2014).  We biked a total of 18 miles, a nice training ride for our yearly trip to Salisbury, MD to ride the Seagull Century. 

During our ride I still cannot believe all the trash along the road.  It is really amazing the crap people throw away, but on this trip Bud light won the prize.  I want to bet that some teenagers needed to clean their car before they got home.  It is amazing to see what people throw out.  I need to do a week-long series on trash I see during my walks, bike and car trips.  I should title it scenic trash.  Who knows stay tuned.

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