Sunday, August 10, 2014

Farmer's Market (8/9/2014)

Every Saturday in the spring, summer and fall we have a farmers market in Yorktown.  We go at least a couple of times a month to buy vegetables, fruit and occasionally some seafood.  We either go by bike, or we go by car.  When we go by car we bring the dogs and take them for a walk along the waterfront.
There is all kinds of things available at the market, from wine to BBQ spices to art; you name it.  there are even a few home bakers that sell their ware.But truthfully I am not that interested in that.  In the past years I served on the board of the Virginia Food Systems Council a great organization that encourages the reduction of food deserts, the consumption of regionally grown food, and in that way keeping the carbon footprint as small as possible.  An organization they worked closely together with was the Virginia Farm to Table group.
Both groups are wonderful and I really encourage people to explore their websites.  One campaign they had was the $10 per week campaign, where people pledge to by at least $10 worth of locally grown food.
Anyway here are two photos of our market.  It was a great day and yes we took the dogs.  There were all kinds of dogs; most of them were friendly.  There was even an older gentleman taking pictures of all the dogs.

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