Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seaford Yacht Club (8/16/2014)

Saturday evening was happy hour at the Seaford Yacht Club.  The evening was organized as laser sailboat race for adults and picnic/happy hour.  We had a lot of fun, sailing little boats, eating, drinking and talking.  The club has a multifarious membership, but what they have in common is the love for the water and in particular the Bay.  We have people that sailed the Caribbean, sailed across the Atlantic a few times to novices.  Naturally politics was not far behind at times, but we could avoid it as well.  It was just good fun.

The boats are owned by the club, and in the summers they are used for junior sailing camp.  Kids from the area spend time learning to sail and have fun in the sun and water.  But the adults get to play with them as well!

Here are two pictures of the races.  One at the finish line and one of me taken by my wife.

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