Friday, May 2, 2014

Shenandoah State Park (4/26/2014)

Here is another picture from the park.  Kind of that post card picture.  It was taken at the lookout point, overlooking the river.  Spring was late this year, thanks to that cold winter we have been experiencing.  But unlike last year when we were there the same weekend, the dogwoods and redbuds were blooming everywhere.  The bluebell trail was amazing, but that will be the subject of the pictures I'll put up for the 27th.  In addition to hiking in the morning, we drove up north to Harpers Ferry.  Of course on the way north we had to stop by a winery, and so we stopped at Breaux Vineyards.
Breaux was somewhat of a let-down.  This is an industrialized winery and it was absolutely insane.  The tasting staff was impersonal and they went either just through the motions or openly complained to you about what was going on around them.  For example, the first thing we were told by the tasting staff was how the owner had made his millions in real estate on the Outer Banks, like we really cared.  We were there for the wine.  Moreover there was no interest in us, like where we were from etc.  It was loud and noisy.  Moreover, the wine was not great, not bad, but very overpriced.  We left there with a bad taste in our mouths (literally and figuratively).
On the other hand, Harpers Ferry was great as ever.  It is nice to walk in such an historic place, where so many things happened.  I decided to add a picture of the family buying ice-cream at the and of our visit to this place.
Driving back to the park we ended the day with dinner at a great little restaurant in Front Royal.  Element is a cute small restaurant with good food and wonderful wine.  I will definitely add my review of this restaurant on yelp one of these days.

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