Monday, May 12, 2014

Front Royal (4/28/2014)

This is the last picture from our Shenandoah trip.  As you can see the river was running nicely.  On Saturday there was a competition (an adventure race and it had a biking, running and kayaking leg in nature), and it included a leg of kayaking on the river.  As you can see, the river was swollen from the rain we had that Friday; not that the leg these guys had to do was very dangerous.  It was a long race, and even at 10 pm when looking out of our cabin window you were able to see headlights (the ones you strap to your head) dancing up and down through the woods.  That day we had a shot walk, followed by a great burger at Spelunkers in Front Royal before we went home.  Our dogs had to wait in the car under the cherry blossoms; hoping we would bring them a burger.


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