Friday, May 16, 2014

Rainy day in Yorktown (5/16/2014)

It has been a rainy morning today.  A great day to telework and fade to the background.  Today I am working on the inspector classes for erosion and sediment control, which is very appropriate seeing the amount of rain we had this morning.  As a side project I am doing a little literature research on one of my hobbies: trying to understand why some people are so anti science.  Naturally, things that come up are the anti vaccine people, people who do not believe in (human) evolution and the climate change deniers.  As an educator I find this fascinating, and I am really struggling with how we can convince these types of people. I guess all the science we bring forward is flawed in their eyes and they simply glaze over and shut themselves down.  This feeling was even  amplified after watching some of the debate for the Idaho governor's race.  However, I do think this research is even relevant to me in the job I do now.  As one of the quotes I read says: "the biggest threat to humanity is our stupidity."

Oh well, stepped out into the back yard after the rains stopped.  This picture is of our heron statue in the back yard.  As you can see there is a lot of standing water in the ephemeral ponds behind our home.  It's a source of mosquitoes, wonderful frog and salamander calls, and a great place to recharge and experience the power of nature.  

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