Monday, January 6, 2014

Yorktown (1/4/2014)

We have had a strange streak of freezing cold, then warm weather the last couple of days.  To those who want to argue that there is no global warming I have heard it explain that because of global warming the polar jet stream is less stable and oscillates more giving us more extreme cold days and warm day (

Oh well, that argument out of the way (or started) about this picture.  It was 36 degrees (+2 Celsius) in the morning when I went for a walk and by the afternoon it was 26 (-3.3 Celsius).  Kind of amazing to see the temperature taking such a dip during the day.  It was windy as well.  I took this photo the following morning and the pattern in the ice shows how the ice did not freeze all at once; you can really see the patterns the wind made in the still partially liquid water.  Really neat to see.

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