Monday, January 13, 2014

Yorktown (1/11/2014)

We encountered this interesting phenomenon in the woods behind our home.  During the “polar vortex” outbreak these ponds froze over, and then on Saturday we had temperatures in the 60s with high humidity.  The ice had melted but the water was obviously so cold that the warm humid air started to condense into a fine mist/fog over the ponds, kind of like lake effect snow/rain on a very small scale.  Really neat, and this one is only less than 5 minutes walk from our home.

These (Grafton) ponds are so unique and fun to observe.  The one you see here is probably close to 5 foot deep in the middle.  It is dry in the summer and full most winters.  I have a set of weekly photographs of this pond that I took over a period on 2 years.  As I mentioned in a previous post it is the home of endangered species (Mabee Salamander) and soon they will start breeding in this and other ponds behind our home (mid to end of February).


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