Monday, June 15, 2015

Yorktown (6/14/2015)

Life in Yorktown has slowed down after last week's visit of l'Hermione.  Walking through Yorktown those days I came to the conclusion that there are now so many pictures of the boat floating around the internet (pardon the pun), that I do not need to contribute to the glut (I guses I did below).  It was a madhouse, but it did put our sleepy village on the map.

We were actually sailing that day and watched the Hermione leaving the York River this pas Mon day June 8. 

Not that the town slows down much on a hot day on the weekend.  There were already plenty of people laying on the beach, soaking in the sun when we walked by the beach around 9:30 am, Sunday morning.  We tend to stay away from the madhouse, although in no way do we stay away from the water!  But still visiting Yorktown is fun (and our beagle lover to swim).

The photo below show you a little bit about the architecture.  I love the pineapple; it's a great fruit and it also serves as a symbol of hospitality.  It is difficult to find out why, but it seems that Christopher Columbus was given a pineapple when he first landed in the new world, and it seems that's how it started.  Naturally it is a exotic looking fruit as well.

Well, Yorktown is fairly hospitable.  We have one hotel on the water, and at least three Bed & Breakfasts.  It has a town dock where you can stay overnight with your boat.  Our little town has at least 6 places to eat and/or drink, and even a Ben and Jerry's.  Personally I would not mind a different more experimental restaurant or even a microbrewery, but heck, it's not a bad place to hang out.  We even have a farmer's market and on Thursday evening they have a concert (Shagging on Main).  We are very happy we moved here 15 years ago.

I try to drive through the town every chance I get on days I commute to Richmond or when I return.  I love the view of the water, the sailboats on the river or at the town dock.  The town is vibrant on a summer evening, but pretty darn dead in the winter.  Oh well, something to work on and make it a year round attraction.

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