Friday, May 8, 2015

Roanoke (5/6/2015)

It's been a long week of travel and teaching my stormwater and erosion and sediment control classes,  but it does get me out there and see different places.  I decided to stop in Roanoke on my way to my next destination: Rocky Mount.  In the past I was generally disappointed by the dining possibilities in Rocky Mount,  so I thought I had a great excuse to do a bit of hiking in the Roanoke Mountain area and grab a nice dinner afterwards.  (FYI, Rocky Mount has now gotten a great new place for lunch and dinner that I was not aware of before my visit this week, it is down town near the farmers market.)

I have hiked in the area before, I was looking forward to a nice hike after a full day of teaching.  Googleling (is that a word?) hiking in Roanoke I decided to hike at least part of the Chestnut Trail.  Getting there is relatively easy; I got there via the Blue Ridge Parkway.   Reading the website of the hike I read now that you need to park in the "Overlook "parking lot,  which I did not do.  I drove on the to the picknick/camping area.   I would vote against that since it seems that there is anative entrance fee to that area.

The part of the trail that I hiked was nice.  My only gripe was that the trail was not well marked and that there were too many unmarked side trails.  However it was very intuitive and I never got lost thanks to my smartphone and Google maps which has the trail maps on it.

If you are in the area, a visit to Roanoke Mountain is a must.  You have some great views of the surrounding area from this mountain.   Weather was coming in during my visit this time, so I cut my visit short and went to dinner.

Dinner at Montano's was great as usual, and my drive to Rocky Mount was exciting with all the gorgeous lightning and heavy rain.

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