Sunday, March 22, 2015

Newport News Park (3/22/2015)

It is always absolutely wonderful to go for a walk in Newport News Park.  We drove to the entrance along Jefferson, and decided to take our regular walk backwards and visit the swamp to look for bird.  When were walking along the swamp we got the wild hair up our but to walk home from the park a walk that was approximately 5 miles.

The walk we took was fun.  We ran into all kinds of interesting things.  The following photos are just an example what we ran into: evidence abound about beaver activity.  The three photos below show the swamp that is partially dammed of by beavers.  I like the black and white picture a lot, but you can see the evidence of beaver in the foreground of the color picture.  Further along the trail you see the stumps of trees that look like sharpened pencils sticking out of the ground.  Again evidence of beavers handy work.  Park rangers are obviously trying to protect trees and there are a lot of trees that are wrapped with metal screening material; guess that beaver teeth don't like to gnaw on metal.  The last picture shows the lake that was obviously created by their activity.

The park is also the site of the struggle between the north and south during the civil war (and also the revolutionary war); and there is evidence of fortifications everywhere.  It is amazing to see all the trenches.  As one of the signs say, it must have been boring trying to defend the lines along the Warwick River.

After crossing into the National Park it was a scenic walk through the woods and we were finally able to cross the swamp to the union side where we were welcomed by an egret.

It was a pretty and also a pretty darn long hike, that we have done before by bike, but never by foot.  Worth the trouble.

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