Monday, February 2, 2015

Richmond (2/2/2015)

My lunchtime walk in Richmond today took me along Main Street.  It is a little deviation from what I usually do (either Capitol Square or Browns Island), and I'll probably will have to pay the price.  I did not log as many steps on my FitBit as I usually do during my lunchtime walks.  So it looks like I will need a long evening walk, in addition to tonight's yoga.  But it had been raining pretty heavy, and I just did not wanted to get caught in a downpour.

But the walk was good.  Actually, the sun came out and I was struck by the very colorful streetscape that popped up.

It was just after a heavy rainstorm and the air was clean, the streets were still wet and the sun came through the clouds.  I love the different textures, and colors here.  It is amazing you can sometimes walk by a scene for years (I have been passing by this place regularly for almost 6 years now), and all the sudden it strikes you as photogenic and special.  I am not sure if you have to be in a certain psychological state to see it or if it was the weather and the way the sun fell on the buildings, but today it spoke to me.

Actually, Sub Central is one of my favorite lunch places.  The serve killer french fries (killer in all the good and bad connotations, being that they taste great, but also that they are probably not the best for your health).  I have not tried the Asian place, but bought flowers and tried the restaurant on the corner.  All pretty reasonable and decent places to spend your money, but Sub Central is the place I go to when I am traveling that afternoon and need a full belly for my drive.

This picture could be somewhat emblematic of a fairly vigorous downtown; although I'm struck about the fact that there are no people in this picture.  It was taken around 1 pm, right at the end of lunch hour and you would expect it to be crowded.  Oh well.  Being European, I like the hustle and bustle of a vibrant downtown, but even here in Richmond, one block removed from Capitol Square, it seems somewhat deserted.  I have been in this area in the evening, and there is even less going on in this area at that time.  I am happy to report that some of the buildings around here are being converted into urban housing, but my major issue would be groceries.  One gal that works with me lives in the area, and she shops at a local drug store and a seven eleven down the street.  I'm sure it is more expensive and very basic, and hopefully a grocery store or specialty food stores will follow the redevelopment of downtown, otherwise it will not be very attractive to live here.  I really would not want to shop for my food at these places.  Moreover, if I live downtown, I would not want to get on a bus or in a car to go to the nearest grocery store to buy food.  That would defeat the purpose of moving downtown, close to my work.

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