Monday, December 29, 2014

Yorktown (12/27/2014)

It was a wonderful day for a walk in Yorktown this past Sunday; and yes we had to bring the camera, dogs etc,  The fathers of Yorktown had the foresight to construct this wonderful walking trail along the river.  It officially goes from one victory center to the other (kind of the Feds competing with the State).  These photos were taken during our walk.  There is the one near the state's center overlooking the York River with part of the beach visible; you can barely see the rooftops of Yorktown (on the other side of the bridge.

The next two pictures were taken from the walking trail when it runs in front of the River Front Walk restaurant.  The reflections in the window were very cool and you can see the bridge and in the other the York River and my family.  Next door to the restaurant is the "Tap House".  Both restaurants are great, and they are nice places to visit with friends and family.  My only gripe still is that there is no good breakfast place in town; but then when I drive there early in the morning, there are not many people out and about (in particular in the winter).  Oh well.  At least there are no chain restaurants in our little town; although the "Carrot Tree" has another establishment in Williamsburg that carries the same name.

During our walk, the river was glass, in other words no ripples were seen for a while.  For us sailors this means there was no wind.  Sailors learn very quickly how to read the water for any wind, puff, or increases in wind that we can use to propel our boats; in particular racers.  We also saw one sailboat in the distance, which I immediately recognized as a boat of a friend (and that I've sailed on twice this year).

In all a great day to be near the water and enjoy the views; something I need, since I have "horizon deficit disorder".

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