Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Kent (12/5/2014)

Guess I should show nice pictures of New Kent County, but this is a picture of my somewhat favorite abandoned building.  I took the pictures as part of an on-line challenge by Cee Neuner; regular readers of this blog know I sometimes participate in it.  This challenge was abandoned buildings, and although I had taken a picture of this building group before (click here to see my favorite picture taken this year in August and my for my somewhat philosophical blog entry) I wanted to come back to it.  In particular since a few weeks ago the recliner was still there.  The County fathers must have read my blog and finally removed the chair.  I hoping it was still there; oh well.

What still amazes me is red metal roof on the side building.  It looks brand new.  It really looks like someone really tried to make something out of this building complex but failed.  Route 60 between Richmond and Williamsburg is very quiet and I think any commercial endeavor in the middle of nowhere would have a hard time.  I love this road because it takes me away from the stress of the Interstate; and truth be told the commute on Route 60 may take 10 minutes longer, but with a lot less aggravation.  Stress management is something I really need, so it is good to take that route.  I read somewhere once that commuting length and blood pressure have a direct relationship.  So the back roads are so much more fun (I remember so well reading Blue Highways by William Last Heat Moon; a book that made a huge impression on me).

But enough writing for today.  Here is my entry to Cee's challenge, my set of pictures of the abandoned building along Route 60 in New Kent.  It is really ashamed that these things are abandoned.  There are many groups that are concerned about them.  Abandoned in Virginia is one of those groups.


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