Monday, November 24, 2014

York River (11/22/2014)

This may not be the most flattering picture, but Saturday was fun.  I helped a friend with sailing his boat over from the York River Yacht Haven to our marina.  His Catalina 30 had been on the hard for some major maintenance and repairs and this was the boat’s maiden voyage after that.  It was cold (when we got to the boat there was still ice on the hull) but the wind was great (10 to 15 knots) and with a slick hull we were making more than 6.5 knots; flying down the York River.  I was actually disappointed that we got there so early.  Although the temperatures were in the low to mid 40s, if you dress right, it was doable.  Yes my face was very cold and I had to put the hoody up after a while.  What surprised me was that we were the only sail boat out at the time.  We saw a number of recreational fishing boats (power boats).

Winter sailing is apparently something for the hardy people in our part of the Bay.  Friends of mine will not go sailing when the temperature goes below 50 or so, and when asked they say something like “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.”  Yes, it is not something I want to do every weekend; that might get old.  I much more prefer a leisurely trip followed by throwing out the hook (anchor), a swim, a beer and a hardy lunch.  But this was fun too; we had a blast!

I took this selfie and almost every selfie I take really makes my double chin stand out and causes me to grimace.  I see that many people have selfies that do that to them; you contort your face and always smile at the wrong time.  I’ll be happy when I get my new Christmas present; a new camera that uses my phone as a remote control and as remote view finder.  It should be fun to play with.

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