Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seaford (10/4/2014)

I have been working on my sailboat today.  I am rebuilding one of the port (window) openings of my boat, and tomorrow I will be putting a new port in.  I will do a separate blog posting on that tomorrow.
Coming back to close up my sailboat this afternoon I was taken by surprise that the water was so high.  It is not spring tide (yet); that happens with full and new moon, when the moon and the sun are either in opposite sides of the sky or in the same general area.  I hope it was the wind, which was coming from the north and might be piling the water up in our creek,.  I think and hope it is too early to see the results of sea-level rise.
Either way it was fun getting in and out of the boat especially since we do not have any floating docks.  As you can see, the access to the dingy dock is shut off and you would get wet feet if you would like to go laser racing.

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