Thursday, October 9, 2014

Abingdon (10/9/2014)

The fun part about all the traveling I do is meeting people or reacquainting myself with people I have taught or interacted with in the past. People that I remember from the past really made an impression on me back then, and they did not disappoint me this time around.  Just pure fun.  The issue is that I basically have to be on from 8 am till 4 pm.  I have no fellow teachers this time around and I am horribly horse after a day of talking.  I am also tired as a dog, and basically collapse when I get back to my motel room.

Fun is seeing a new place in Virginia or seeing the same place again and thus seeing it in a different light.  Abingdon this week was such a place.  I was teaching at a location I had not taught before.  Yesterday and today I ate dinner at a places I had never eaten before.  I really try to explore the local cuisine.  Chains I can eat at at home or while driving; I tend not to eat at chains while at home.  Call me strange, but somehow I do not think a chain has creativity and being a cook myself, I like creativity in food.

This picture was taken in the restaurant I ate tonight.  Bella's Pizza and Subs is a great local restaurant.  I enjoyed it and even yellep it.

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