Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yorktown (8/3/2015)

We are so lucky where we live.  Last evening we needed to celebrate good health and just life, so after dinner we decided to take the dogs for a walk along the York River in Yorktown and get an ice-cream cone at Ben and Jerry’s.  The walk I can do every day, but $9.54 for two ordinary ice-cream cones is a bit steep, so we do that on special occasions, or when we feel we need to celebrate something.  It is really amazing how everything is getting more expensive and our wages are not keeping up.  But, if you read my previous blog post about my trip back from western Virginia you know I had a MRI and the results came back clean, so it was a special occasion.  It was around sunset and there was a large thunderstorm to the east.

Nothing really deep today (in the far distant past I started these pages as a photo blog), but as I mentioned we are really lucky.  The planners in Yorktown did a pretty decent job in what they did, and with the exception of mid-winter, our little town is pretty crowded.  Sometimes it is so crowded that I am afraid that its success, its parking issues and the lack of diversity in restaurants will be the reason for its eventual demise, but I have not seen it yet, thank goodness; and I hope I never see it.  But yes, I have walked around town, daydreaming about what I would do to make it even more attractive and more for four seasons. 

Anyway here are two more pictures I took last evening.

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