Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Draper (4/1/2015)

Whenever I am in the Wytheville area I try to visit the New River Trail for a walk.  I truly love this area and enjoyed the article on Pulaski and Draper in the Washington Post magazine this past Sunday.   Today I needed a walk to decompress.

Regular readers know that today was the first day of the new course on native plants that I have been developing.   And yes (dear diary) I personally think that it was a success.   But 6 hours teaching  (alone) left me exhausted and wired.  It was therefore what the doctor ordered, a nice walk on the trail to clear my head.  I walked approximately 2 miles and it did not clear my exhaustion but it did clear my mind and allowed me to be more alert on the highway.

Anyway, this is a great area that is fun to hang out in.  During my walk I met an older couple (who were to shy to even return my greetings) and two guys on bikes.  Being a road biker I was amazed to see that they were both on their road bikes with skinny tires. I have biked the trail, but only with my mountain bike.  Anyway, a successful day all around.  The photos below were taken on the trail, and as you can see spring is about to pop.

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