Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Richmond (2/19/2014)

Today I took a walk in the canal street park in Richmond.  Crazy, but the information on my phone says it is a rainy day, boy are they wrong.  It was nice and sunny with temperatures finally at a decent level, although there are still a few heaps of dirty snow visible in town.

Instead of going my usual left, I went right for a change, towards the Civil War Center.  Walking back along the river there is a small causeway from where you can look back on town from above the James River, from where this picture of downtown is taken.  In front of course is the James River, then the CSX line and the big building is the Federal Bank Building.  The cause way is neat, it has all kinds of quotes from civil war soldiers on it and it gives you an interesting flavor.   It is amazing how big the Civil War is in the psyche of this state; but then as a foreigner I should understand that because we still talk about the 2nd World War.
As you can see, the James is fairly full at the moment; it has been a cold and relatively wet winter here.  I think a lot of us will be very happy when spring comes around.  Just looking at my own yard, we usually have daffodils by now.  The first ones are usually flowering by early January.  At the moment none of them are even close to breaking bud.  Today was a fun teaser, but it felt oh so nice. 

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